Who We Are


The Sunflower Group was started in August 2015 by Chartered Management Accountant Amanda Webb.

Sunflower was founded to address the need for affordable senior finance support to the expanding SME market.

Access to high-level finance management skills are often seen as too costly for SMEs and Startups and the unique service model operated by Sunflower solves this problem.

25% of businesses fail due to poor cashflow management so such support is crucial for business success.

What sets Sunflower apart is how we partner with our clients, becoming part of your team working on-site at the heart of your business. We are there as and when you need us.

If your business needs financial help call us today on 07747 601628 or email us at [email protected].

Mission Statement

We provide senior financial support and guidance, scalable and affordable for all UK businesses, regardless of size.

Through our handpicked Associate Network, we ensure our clients receive the very best advice for their needs, whether on a project basis or in an ongoing capacity.

We understand the very real challenges of business today and work in a partnership with our clients based on honesty, integrity and shared objectives.

As we help our customers to grow, so we grow.

Company Values


the quality of being honest and having strong moral values


ability to be relied on or depended on, as for accuracy, honesty, or achievement


the competence or skill expected of a professional