Sunflower Personal Development

The founders of the Sunflower Group have both been on incredible personal development journeys. Recognising that Finance needs to come out of the shadows and shine, only then can it realise it’s complete value to a business.

During this journey they both achieved professional qualifications, with Amanda qualifying as a Personal Coach and Arvi as an NLP practitioner.

Having seen how these skills can unlock the real potential in Finance, Amanda and Arvi started Coaching and Mentoring in house Finance Teams to do the same. At the core of this process are the following key principles:-

To develop and improve agility and confidence to support business growth
To develop and improve communication and interpersonal skills to create meaningful dialogue and partnerships with the business
To get Finance out from behind the desk and into the business.

Our programmes are tailored to the individual or team as each one is different and have different needs, strengths and weaknesses. This fits with our bespoke approach to your needs.

“Coaching with Amanda has been one of, if not the best, learning experiences for me. Having started coaching whilst in a junior role, Amanda not only just coaches on the raw facts, but provides reason to them, sharing her own personal experience and knowledge alongside the bare information. Amanda is not only setting me up with the knowledge required to simply succeed, but also the knowledge, skills and experience required to develop to previously unthought-of potential.”Jed Brazell, Finance, Connor
“Accountancy is something I’ve always wanted to do and joining Luminess has given me that opportunity. I had picked up the basics of our accounts package but working with Chris has enabled me to expand my knowledge and to study for an AAT qualification in Bookkeeping and Accounting.”Leanne Coulson, Office Manager, Luminess