What we do

Partnering Business Owners


We partner with business owners to:

We spend time in the business, working as part of the team, partnering at all levels as appropriate to ensure the we are completely aligned with the business owner's objectives.

Supporting Growth

Growth by Acquistion

Maybe you would like to grow by acquiring another business. Working with us will help you understand how to approach the acquisition and how the objective can be achieved.

We will partner you to prepare for an acquisition, raise finance, complete the deal and then to integrate the acquired business into your business.


Strategic Planning

Having a clear vision of what the business will achieve and the key steps required to succeed is only the start.

We work with out clients to document the plan so that it is clearly understood by all involved.  We model the business and test assumptions to underpin confidence in the vision being achieved.

Long-term funding requirements are a key part of this planning and we work with our clients to ensure the funds required are available.

Structure for Growth

In the excitement of growing a business it is sometimes easy to forget that the structure of the business needs to be strong enough to sustain the pressures that growth brings.

We work with businesses to ensure that the organisational, process and financial structures are kept fit for growth.


Alleviating Pressure

Pressure on Cash

Relieving pressure on cash starts with a clear understanding of the cashflow of the business, how sales convert into cash and the timing of payments for goods and services.  Adding to this an understanding of the organisation's assets allows development of a clear, deliverable plan.

We work with our clients to closely manage cash, to anticipate and avoid potential issues and, should issues arise to resolve them effectively.

Pressure on Resources

There are many circumstances in business, particularly in growing businesses, where the day-to-day demands place stresses on the people, processes and capacity of the organisation.

We work with our clients to improve their capacity to handle the demand by improving processes and removing inefficiencies.

The way we work is also a cost effective way of reducing pressure on resources.


Pressure to Decide

Every decision taking in business is a better decision if it is well informed. Even taking a decision to take a leap into the unknown is a better if the extent and nature of the risk has been thought through.

We work with our clients to ensure they have the best possible information about their business.

Shape to Sell

Maximising Value

The value of a business is in what it can achieve in the future not in what it has achieved in the past.  Creating an opportunity to the future growth is a key part of building value but the risk associated with that opportunity will also have a major impact on the value of the business.

Building real capital value takes time so we work with our clients over a three to five year period to shape a business that can demonstrate long-term trends with empirical evidence and that has the dependable structure it needs to deliver on the its growth potential.


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