Score Range Comment
0% 30% Unfortunately your score would suggest that your business is in trouble.

You are likely to be experiencing cashflow and operaional challenges and generating a loss or minimal profit.  If so, we would suggest an analytical review of your business to indentify the changes required to give your business the best opportunity to build solid foundations and future success.

20% 50% Your business may be at risk.

You are likely to be experiencing cashflow and operational challenges and the profitability of the business may be lower than is desireable for its long-term viabiliy.  The business would benefit from an analytical review to identify som key changes tha would improve your business and its financial health.

40% 75% Your business appears to be normal and in reasonable financial health.

There may be challenges to overcome and areas that, with appropriate change, can be improved such that the financial health and prospects of the business are improved to become strong and robust.  Your business may benefit from an analytical review to identify and assess these potential changes.

75% 90% Your business is strong and healthy, realising good profis and returns for its owners.

The business is likely to have a clear vision of its future wih strategies and plans in place to realise that vision.  The business appears to have a strong foundation on which to build future growth and it is possible that with appropriate funding strategies the business could accelerate towards its strategic goals without placing undue stress on its position.  A strategic review might prove valuable if there are preceived blocks on the road to achieving your vision for the business.

90% 100% Wow, what a business!  Your cashflow is healthy and you are balancing investment in future growth with ensuring shareholder return.  Well Done!

The healthy state of you business allow offers a platform for an exciting future.  A strategic review might prove valueable in identifying how to gain maximum benefit from its potential.